Standing Stair Lift Advantage – Two Reasons Why Standing Stairlifts Make Sense

When You’re Hurt and are faced with a Long Term mobility Disability preventing you by using the stairs, and you also reside in a multi story house that you just love and won’t leave for that Earth, it’s time to think about purchasing a stairlift. Standing stairlift SERVOSCALE A PERUGIA is just a sort of a stairlift where you stand throughout the ride rather than sitting down in a chair.

You will find significant drawbacks of a standing stairlift More than common chair stair climberchair lift, particularly when it comes to safety. As an example, it is difficult or impossible to make use of a seat belt when standing up. So there be reasons why you decide to go with a standing stair elevator.

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In this report We’ll discuss two of the Main Reasons why you’d rather or require a standing stair elevator rather than the more common kind of a”sitting stairlift” or chair elevator. Both main reasons why folks opt in for a status stairlift are: Extremely narrow stairs inside their home and inability to bend your knee properly. Let us look at the reasons separately.

Narrow Stairs

When the staircase you would like to use within your house are extremely Narrow, narrower than 30 in. In diameter, it makes sense to consider a status stairlift. When standing, there is no chair no legs protruding round the staircase, enabling a cozy ride round narrow stairs.

Knee Issues

When your current physical condition does not allow to get a Sufficient bend of both knees, then a sitting posture in a stairlift makes little sense. It simply might be safer to decide on a standing stairlift as an alternative.


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Working with a Regular sitting stairlift in a status position is just a really bad idea. First, sitting stairlifts are typically not designed to resist the standing position. Their foot rest simply is not strong enough. Therefore standing up may be awful for your own stair lift, and more worse, may possibly undermine yourself also.


Before Opting for a position stairlift, look at a”perching stairlift”. This is just a middle ground between a sitting stair elevator and a standing stairlift. It will provide more safety than the status stairlift as you can lean the Appropriately height-adjusted chair and you can even use a seatbelt. You may Still be able to not bend your knees and the overall diameter of the Stairlift may still fit your narrow stairs.