Tips for Identifying Nutritious, Life-Giving Foods

Let’s take a look at the role of the USDA in this mess we’re in.  Why does it continue to recommend Dietary Guidelines that make people obese, sick, and sterile? Adele Hite from the Healthy Nation Coalition said that “our dietary recommendations have been based as much on politics as on science. The first set of dietary goals was written by political staffers, not scientists or nutritionists.”

She explained that “the USDA creates the policies that control nearly every aspect of our food environment. Its primary mandate is to increase consumer demand for US agricultural products. The primary promotional tool for US food products is the Dietary Guidelines”.

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She goes on to say that when patients in her clinic ate foods that the USDA had been telling them not to eat – eggs, broccoli with butter, greens with fatback, and even the occasional steak – they felt better, lost weight, and got healthier!

The same week that the USDA released their new dietary guidelines, the Weston A. Price Foundation held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. In their statements, the Weston A. Price Foundation and five scientists reacted to the guidelines saying that the recommendations are not based on science.

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Morton Satin of the Salt Institute said he was concerned that the Dietary Guidelines “may have negative unintended health consequences.” He said, “As a food scientist, I base this assertion not on opinion or ideology, or because my employer, the Salt Institute, represents the salt industry. I base my concern upon peer-reviewed medical literature that for some reason never made it into the Dietary Guidelines.”

Peter Farnham of the Nutrition and Metabolism Society spoke about how the Society has reviewed the USDA guidelines and finds them to be “unclear and overly long, but worst of all, the recommendations are not in accordance with the evidence.”

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I hope you have enjoyed these 10 tips and will use them for your food procurement. I hope you have gained some new insights that will stimulate discussion and further investigation. May it also inspire you to take action, moving ever closer to the robust health and wellness that you were born to enjoy.